The Trophy Tree

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By Dave Wilcox

About the Book

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Softcover 6x9 320

Miguel is a man of the desert. He is reluctant to leave Las Flores, Mexico, where his family has worked and lived for generations. However, his wife, Maria, persists, believing they are no longer safe as the narco war spreads to Las Flores. She persuades Miguel they will find a better life in America. Leaving their baby with Miguel's parents, intending to return for him after joining her aunt and uncle in Tucson, they illegally cross the border, led by the notorious trafficker, El Coyote. Separated at the Trophy Tree, Maria believes Miguel is dead. Alone, she is helpless and sold to a wealthy American. Miguel is arrested for murder by Nate Gonzales and forced to join a cartel. He becomes a narco with a price on his head.

About the Author

DAVE WILCOX was a travel writer. While on a 110-day world cruise, Dave wrote and published a travel blog describing the voyage. He had dabbled with an idea for a suspense novel. A woman author onboard emphatically told Dave “to stop dabbling, finish the book, and publish it.” He did. “Born Again” follows a charismatic preacher’s attempt to violently overthrow the government and create a theocracy.

Dave’s wife Mary, his toughest critic, wanted a love story. “Sicilian Spring,” is his second suspense novel. A widower meets a girl in Sicily who is engaged to the son of an important Mafioso. Set primarily in Sicily, the love story melds into a travelogue and suspense/thriller while capturing Sicilian beauty, contradictions, and traditions.

While living near the Arizona border, Dave joined a border watch group. Encountering the tragic reality, he was inspired to write “The Trophy Tree.”