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By Jo Ann Levitt

About the Book

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While on a spiritual retreat in France, I received an etheric download from my guides and an invitation to scribe a book whose subject crossed my mind like a banner at a football game. It was The Twenty-First-Century Gospel of Jesus Christ. Never having channeled or done any automatic writing, this was both shocking and exhilarating news, especially since I was a perpetual student of Christ's teachings and mystical works everywhere. More importantly, it demonstrated the strong need for us all to invite ourselves back into the Gospels, renewing and reinvigorating their message as appropriate for our Twenty-First-Century living.

About the Author

Jo Ann Levitt is the chief scribe and editor of these pages. She has an eclectic background in religion and spiritual practices. Brought up in the Reform Jewish tradition, she trained as a Sunday school teacher at Gratz College in Philadelphia. Later dedicating eighteen years to yoga practice and life in an ashram outside of Philadelphia, she was drawn to the austerities and emphasis on meditation and spiritual practice. She has studied Scripture from many traditions and has also had training in Peruvian shamanism as presented through Don Oscar Miro Quesada and the Heart of the Healer tradition. Forever drawn to the mystical teachings of Christ, she converted to Christianity in 2013. She also has studied and worked with Danielle Rama Hoffman and the teachings of Thoth, along with the Rose Panel Light Beings, which include Jesus; Mother Mary; Mary Magdalene; Anna, Grandmother of Jesus; Thoth; Isis; Osiris; and multiple others.

Author of Sibling Revelry: 8 Steps to Successful Sibling Relationships (with Marjory and Joel Levitt), published by Dell in 2001, and editor of Pilgrim of Love: The Life and Teachings of Swami Kripalu, published by Monkfish Book Publishers in 2004, Jo Ann continues to teach meditation and provide spiritual counseling. She holds a Master?s in Education and an RN degree and is a Healing Touch practitioner and Energy worker.