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By Allan R. Rudison, Ph.D.

About the Book

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Softcover 8.5x11 74

The essence of this book is a condensed "Bible of the Universe" and tethers Dark Matter and Dark Energy Expansion of the Universe to the Brain-Compurer Connection

About the Author

Allan R. Rudison, Ph.D. is a Clinical Scientist, Consultant in Clinical Laboratory Pathology, Toxicology, and is a Molecular Biologist. His background also includes Astronomy, Astrobiology, Nuclear Medicine instrumentation, and Genetic Engineering.
He was born in Marshalltown, Iowa and currently lives in Los Angeles, California where he got his doctorate degree at the University of California at Los Angeles with the academic honors including Magna Cum Laude.
He is the President and CEO of Ethics in Science & Medicine Inc., and Nexus Global Steel & Real Estate Investments, LLC.