The Wishflower Princess

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By Kathie Kalafatis

About the Book

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Softcover 8.5x11 38

Princess Alexa is no ordinary girl; she's the daughter of Mother Nature, spreading hope throughout her kingdom by blowing out the seeds from her wishflowers into the air.  Until one day she starts sneezing them away, and all hope is lost.  The queen's knight, Sir Chris and his trusty old steed Boris the Tortoise go on a quest to find a cure for the Wishflower Princess, when they come upon a distressed maiden in the woods.  The maiden's tale of an evil sorcerer help's them realize the source of their plight.  Knowing the kingdom is at stake, they must cross the treacherous Bubble Bridge to seek the advice of the Eternity Witch.  Journey alongside our courageous knight to the forbidden caves of Owl Mountain and help restore hope before it's too late.

About the Author

Kathie Kalafatis developed her love of writing at a very young age.  After a tragic accident took the life of her father, she began writing poetry to express her inner most feelings of love and loss. ?The Wishflower Princess' was born to capture the imagination of young readers through her love of rhythmic storytelling. Wanting to bring awareness of the critical connection between human hope and humanity at large, Kathie created a story to help convey the importance of developing strong coping skills during challenging life circumstances. Kathie is an artist who creates intention paintings through metaphysical and empathic mediation.  She is the CEO of CleanAir Solutions, a dedicated human rights activist, and founder of the O.W.L.S group; offering women loving support through self-discovery.  A dedicated mother of two, she imagined this story from one of her many bath-time tales that both delighted and sparked the curiosity of her children.