Theory of Change

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By Adnan Al Jahdhami

About the Book

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Softcover 5.5x8.5 136

This will help you connect the dots to many self-development matters like law of attraction,emotional intelligence, financial education. This book will also help you change by mastering two skills: leadership and learning how to learn.
This is a powerful mixture of the most proven methodologies and experiences written in the recent decades towards success and prosperity as nationwide or corporate and individual level. It will definitely help you uncover some of the most repeated questions about economy and social equality. This book is a financial and business book portrayed in a very simple language that will help you set the basics to start an amazing business journey and life transformation with many tips and niches designed to fit all readers.

About the Author

ADNAN AL JAHDHAMI was in oil and gas field for almost 10 years and started business while on the and founded many business ,lately developed a powerful travel app .he have been coaching and teaching a unique perspective between leadership in general and modern education especially in public schools as a powerful equation for the revolution of change and how to reduce the dependency of government involvement and increase the collaboration   of people and change their mindset towards education ,business and designing their future through proven steps..