Tiny Pebble, Holy City

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By Michael Dion Walker

About the Book

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Michael Dion Walker, introduces "The New World Renaissance" with concepts in ending corruption, ending the war on drugs, introducing the future of energy generation 

    Michael D. Walker, in his newly published book from Authorhouse.com, "Tiny Pebble, Holy City" brings forth the perfect combination of industry and reform meets solutions. 

     Within the pages of this multifaceted book, full of art work and poetry lies the call of the Angels. Their trumpets are blasting " here is the way to cleaner the Earth"," Here is the way to freedom economical oppression", they are shouting "Welcome to the New World Renaissance"

    In answering our need for a greater workforce, Walker introduces his concept called "The Aqua tunnels". These Aqua Tunnels are mega statues guaranteed to catch the eye.  Not only do these giant works of art earn their place in the tourist market, they them selves are hydro-energy generation plants, water treatment facilities and in some cases industrial growing structures.

      With the introduction of these concepts to the world of the stock exchange, a vast many economical opportunities in the form of investments are made available to the general public as well as private investors. Along with other governmental projects soon to come on line, adding in governmental grant support, the Audit, and these Mega Aqua Tunnels will spell the end to Americas economical depression as well as our dependency on crude oil. 

   All in all, Tiny Pebble, Holy City cannot be over looked. With the tone of Walkers message's that blair from the pages of this extraordinary book, GOD has defiantly answered our prayers. It is now up to all of us to take heed. No more can we say that we do not have better ways.


About the Author

Corruption is Illegal yet no one goes to jail for the majority that gets committed. 720 ILCS 550/11 is the state of Illinois Medicinal Marijuana law that no one knows of. The fact that there is no program after forty years means the leadership are guilty of treason. "Tiny Pebble, Holy City" addresses that issue. Religious corruption, political corruption, police and military corruption among others need to be addressed. This very book it self was sabotaged here a the publisher in efforts to prolong the culture of corruption. How long will we let them by, what can we do? This book offers a few solutions.