Traditional Short Stories for Children

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By Kim Brack

About the Book

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This is a collection of traditional children stories about, witches, wizards, elves, giants, fairies, and fantasy beings. Old fashioned tales for younger children.

For example:

The Foolish Frog
Freddie was a very foolish frog. He could never do anything right.

All the young frogs avoided Freddie because he was so silly and he spoilt all their games. He had no friends and he was a very lonely frog.

About the Author

As a former teacher of nursery and primary school children Kim has always been keen on reading and storytelling. Reading opens so many doors and has given her so much pleasure. The joy and pride of the children in her classes in mastering reading is so great.
She hopes to encourage reading in children today. Encouraging parents to read to, and with their children from a young age. What ever the technology reading is important.