U.S. Politics: Why Who You Vote For Matters

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By Vincent C. Guess

About the Book

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During the 2008 presidential election campaign, a close friend was concerned that much of the electorate did not know what either political party stands for. He asked me to write a white paper that describes their positions.
He knew my training materials have a reputation for being "clear, concise and valid." Clear means easy to understand. Concise means all parties interpret them the same way. Valid means they are 99.99% accurate.
I tried but the needed clarity was not forthcoming. I proceeded to watch Obama win the 2008 election over McCain and the 2012 election over Romney. I also watched Trump win the 2016 election over Clinton.
After 2 years into President Trump's term, the two parties are more divided than ever. The two parties are now engaged in a cold civil war that is on the edge of turning hot. I decided to give this white paper another try.

About the Author

Vincent C. Guess

Vince formed the Institute of Configuration Management in 1986. He also founded the CMII/IPE training program for how to change faster, document better and achieve integrated process excellence.
Over 10,000 configuration management and quality assurance professionals from industry and government agencies around the world have completed his training and are on the leading edge of innovation in their respective environments.
Vince's interest in politics began during the cold war between the U.S. and the former Soviet Union. Once retired, he began applying his proven principles to government and the political process. This book is the first publication of his work.
How do you fix a government that is deeply mired in the corrective action mode? His students know that continuous corrective action is not continuous improvement.
How do you fix a government led by politicians who find ways to get rich? His students know that a good definition of the problem is 90% of the solution.
This book serves to define the problem. The solution requires a combination of competence and integrity. This book also describes which party is best qualified.