Understanding the Principles of Church Growth

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About the Book

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The author of this work, Isaac Ojutalayo, has done his research on the subject of leadership and church growth. The contents of this book are the written evidence. The eleven chapters embrace some of the most important and necessary things that leaders should learn and practise, whether they are ordained ministers or lay workers in the church. The principles he has written about can also be applied in circular organisation. This book reveals Dr Isaac Ojutalayo’s academic achievement and experimental development. He has divided each chapter into readable sections that can be easily discussed and studied. The book is suitable for individuals and groups who are called by God to lead His people. Dr Isaac Ojutalayo is passionate that leaders be men and women of excellence, whether the congregation they lead is large or small. He stresses communication, generosity, honesty, and continuing education with the highest level of trust, all essential elements of church growth. He points out repeatedly that the church and the world community are suffering from a crisis of leadership, that bold and honest leaders are needed in the church and in the marketplace, as well as in the home. In my analysis he has called for transformational leaders to rise up and effect change. It is very clear that he is saying that many leaders work within situations. Transformational leaders change what can be talked about, whereas many other leaders talk about pay-offs. Transformational leaders talk about goals. Many leaders bargain, whereas transformational leaders appeal to a common vision. Dr Isaac Ojutalayo argues that desperately needed Christians and transformational leadership will not emerge until we have a model of a transforming leader. I believe that Jesus Christ was and is the most effective leader the world has ever known. It is with unreserved joy that I recommend this publication to those who are interested in church leadership. Professor Clinton L. Ryan, ThD

About the Author

Isaac Ojutalayo’s qualifications include the following:

• Doctor of Divinity, Canada Christian College and School of Graduate Theological Studies
• Doctor of Ministry, Canada Christian College and School of Graduate Theological Studies
• Doctor of Literature, Canada Christian College and School of Graduate Theological Studies
• Appointed professor of ministry in theological education by Canada Christian College and School of Graduate Theological Studies, Toronto, in May 2018

Isaac Ojutalayo is also the author of The Teaching of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ (Wales: SYS Publication, 2016).