Unpleasant Pastures

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By Charles Feggans

About the Book

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Softcover 6x9 124

The book talks about what happens in a camp where soldiers try to live a normal life despite the threat of a war taking place all around them. Jeff Richards who is one of the main leading persons in the story learned that war was no joke and he fears for his life as he runs for cover under rocket attacks and incoming ground fire.

About the Author

After graduating from High School, Charles Feggans decided to join the U.S. Marines Corps because he had no real skills in the working world. After 5 years in the Corps, He ended up in Vietnam at a camp that was the subject of constant rocket attacks and soldiers who love to gamble, drink and talk able what they were missing back in the States. He soon learned the fears of war and the closeness of men and how they stuck together to survive the dangers they faced.