Vault of Power

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By Philip Whitby

About the Book

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Softcover 6x9 718

In a realm of magic and wonder, protected by the infamous Storm-Line, a civil war threatens to plunge the land back into darkness. But amidst the chaos, a glimmer of hope arises with the discovery of the mythical Vault of Power, a source of unbridled magical potential. But finding the Vault before the opposing Death-Hunters means crossing into the fabled Unknown Region, a place few mages have ever returned from. Leading a quest into the most dangerous realm outside their own, a small detachment of the Guard make the voyage through the Storm-Line to face untold horrors. Among this group is a young mage who seeks adventure more than any of her creed. But even she isn’t ready to face the nightmares that follow. Now their only hope to survive this harsh landscape and find their way home lies not in the magic that has shaped their civilization, but in the survivors of the world left in ruins. But can they be trusted with their lives, or are there secrets hiding under the surface that threaten everything they believe in?

About the Author

Philip Whitby is a graduate of Animation from University of Derby based in the UK. An avid reader of teen fiction, fantasy and comic books, he spends his days between working part time in the restaurant business creating original artwork, fiction and series. The Unknown Region marks the first project to be published worldwide, having taken over ten years to bring to life. “I started this book way back in school, and finally returned to complete it a few years ago, and really proud to finally share it.”