Water Lilies

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By Jacqueline Ann

About the Book

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Softcover 6x9 154

"Water Lilies is a collection of poetry that represents a decade in time. It is comprised of a multitude of themes—love to loss, passion to pain, suffering to healing, and life as a whole. This poetry book is inspired by the experiences of loved ones and of oneself; bound into book, these words from within will solicit readers to be courageous in their understanding of the poet’s journey.

Offering an authenticity to the world around us, Water Lilies chooses to showcase the beauty of truth in its natural state and the necessity of undergoing distinctive emotions in order to appreciate the gift of life and to recognize each moment in life as a gift itself."

About the Author

As a girl, I chose writing to help me understand growth and all the life encounters a young person typically has. As a woman, I no longer chose writing. Writing took over and chose me. Late nights, early mornings, before work, after work, nights out, nights in, wherever, whenever. It became my preferred method of transportation to travel toward a destination of peace. It became the only way I knew to help others embrace their life leaps. Woven into the lines of this book, I speak for those whose hands are empty to hold and hearts that have fallen asleep. Through Water Lilies, I debut an exposition of the hurt in humanity, the beauty in boldness, the courage in charity, the raw in recovery, the healing of heart, and the love to exist in the gift of a lifetime.