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By Erwin Kostomai

About the Book

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Softcover 6x9 202

About the Author

My name is Ervin Koštomaj. I am father of four children and come from Slovenia. Childhood curiosity convinced me that I read books about astronomy and dreamt of stars and mighty nature. All this enthused me about aviation, automobiles and aesthetics, so I graduated with a degree in mechanical engineering. Mechanical engineering is a broad concept that I use in other areas of life, including in ethics and morality. I like spending my time in good company, with my family and in solitude where I can think about the eternal question of mankind, where it came from, what the meaning of its existence is, and what its role is in the universe. Besides that, I am inspired by a new field of combining engineering and philosophy that would give the right answer to many future questions; how everything works, and how it should all work to be in line with ethics and aesthetics. The main goal of all this is such a satisfaction of people that does not take the nature and other people as victims.
There are overly too fast judgments that result from excessive self-esteem and comfort. With this book, I want to show how people suppose to judge. I am a person who judges with positive emotions, with an understanding of a man in line with nature and reason.