What Will Make Me a Super Hero?

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By Geri Alvarez

About the Book

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Softcover 8.5x8.5 28

This is a short story about a little boy who loves to wear his cape and mask and pretend to be a superhero. He knows he doesn’t have the superpowers of a superhero, but he still wonders how, without these powers, he can become a hero. Can an ordinary boy or girl be a superhero? He tells how he goes about his ordinary day and askes his parents, “What will make me a superhero?” His parents try to make him figure out for himself—that no matter how little the chore is, if someone needs your help, you’re there for them when they are in need. When you help someone, how does this make you feel? How does it make the person in need feel? After some good deeds done, he finally understands that he is a hero just by being himself—a good, helpful, and obedient boy. He’s everyone’s hero. He’s his parents’ superhero.

About the Author

I am a grandmother of two, wonderful, four year old boys, who inspired me to write and illustrate this book. I have been painting on canvas in acrylics for many years and have sold on commission and have been in art shows throughout the Tampa Bay Area.

Another one of my passions is to write poetry. I decided one day to put the two together, or should I say...three together, counting my grandsons, and write and illustrate a book in rhyme that captured their personalities and playful creativities.

My interest in art started as a very young girl when I would watch my father draw and paint. He was a wonderful artist but never explored the possibility of using his God given talent to his full potential. Now, as I get older, I want to do as much as I can

to develop and introduce my talent in a new way through writing and illustrating children’s books.

In the past, I’ve given private art classes to children and when the school system cut their budget, of course ART TEACHERS were eliminated first. I then went into the class-rooms once a month as a volunteer along with thirty nine other women who I trained to give a short thirty minute art class, teaching simple rules in art or the fact, that in art, there are no rules. The class was more to encourage them to use their imagination and to be creative. The children loved it and looked forward to it each month.

I already have a second book in the making and of course it was inspired by my grandsons. This has been such a joy to put my love for my grandsons and love of my art into print for others to enjoy. I hope parents and grandparents enjoy reading my book to their children and it lets children know what makes them a hero in our eyes, feel good about themselves and what they can do to make things better for others.