Where I've Been

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By Sedona Lee Reid

About the Book

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I kept a diary for some years during my middle school years. It was a "what I did today" diary like most have. It contained who I had crushes on, who showed me any special attention, and what I accomplished in that particular day. I did not talk much about my feelings, as I hadn't really learned how to unearth them from deep within me. How I looked at the world was also undiscovered back then. I liked to read about what others saw and felt and experienced, and perhaps living vicariously through those writers eventually led me to want to discover what lay buried within me.

About the Author

I was born actually in Silver Spring, Maryland, on November 18, 1946, where my Dad was a policeman and my Mom worked for the government.  However, at 3 years of age, we moved back to Cohoes, New York, where all the family was, and in part because my Dad's Mom was quite ill and soon after died.  I don't remember her at all, and his Dad died when my father was quite young, so I never knew anyone from his side of the family.  Like I said he wasn?t much of a family man anyway.