Wish Upon a Tree

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By Naomi Schulz

About the Book

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Softcover 6x9 232

Blair Jones a teacher in Brisbane tragically discovers that her parents passed in a freak car accident the same day she got a transfer for Tara, her hometown. She must pick up the pieces and care for her younger sister, Lydia and fears she will never have a normal life. They decide to sell and move out to Tara, leaving Blair to discover a descendant's diary while hiding many other secrets of her abusive ex-boyfriend from Lydia.
From the diary she learns that they have a family heirloom that was apparently stolen gold from the Gold Rush in 1857, where her ex-boyfriend and her family's past last connected. While she is frightened for her life and her sisters, she meets an attractive assistant veterinarian, Nick and his mother who are their new neighbours.
Blair must strive to find where the gold was hidden from the family riddle passed from generation to generation to save her family. When she is faced with death will she understand the final resting point of their family heirloom?

About the Author

I am a twenty-year-old Australian Pharmacy Assistant, who has a big imagination ever since I was a child. I like to make readers feel emotions that I have had to face in my life so far by using a story to express my emotions. One day I want to be a stay at home mum and an author to help support my family's finances.