With Tangra Against The Wind

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By Captain Nikolay Djambazov

About the Book

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Softcover 6x9 376

“With Tangra Against the Wind” by Captain Nikolay Djambazov is a unique story of the best Bulgarian singlehanded circumnavigator. Nikolay believed in his and his boat abilities to compete in the renowned OSTAR 80 and to sail around Cape Horn in a one stop circumnavigation with a boat made by him besides the constant attempts of the government to prevent him from fulfilling his childhood dream. Capsized twice, chased by pirates along the Moroccan coast, betrayed by trusted friends, imprisoned in Turkey and still, this salty sailor never gave up. This detailed account of extraordinary strength of willpower stands strong against high seas and makes a milestone in maritime history. Nikolay is an epitome of the romantic out at sea, overcoming life’s tolls to make his childhood dream come true.

About the Author

Nikolay Djambazov, born on March 2, 1943 in Sofia, Bulgaria, is a certified sea captain of highest degree. He has numerous inventions and has built 40 small boats and 7 yachts. In 1980 he participated successfully in OSTAR 80. In 1983-1984 without government or private funding he circumnavigated the earth via Cape Horn with a boat made by him. Since then he has trained hundreds of young people in sailing and published three books. He has been awarded many prestigious medals and prizes. He is a citizen of honor of Sofia and Burgas.