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Who is this workshop for?

This workshop is for determined writers who want to publish their story for the world to discover.

What should I expect during the event?

The workshop typically follows this schedule:

  1. Welcome and Introductions (30 min)
  2. The Power of Storytelling (15 min)
  3. Storytelling/Writing exercises (30 min)
  4. BREAK (15 min)
  5. What’s Your Story? (30 min) - examples of stories from participants (approx. 2 min. each)
  6. The Path to Publishing Your Book: The SpeakEasy Method + Author House Partnership (45 min)
  7. Q&A; Giveaways and Specials; Farewell (15 min)

What’s included along with the workshop?

  1. Moleskin Journal Giveaway
  2. A personalized 90-minute Planning & Strategy call with Gregg Gonzales to discuss your own book project (valued at $250)
  3. Exclusive access to the SpeakEasy Method Writers Facebook Group
  4. An option to publish your book with our help