Wren’s Adventures into Greek Antiquity

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By Mary Haggan

About the Book

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Softcover 8.5x11 32

Wren is fascinated with Greek art. She has a book in her study all about it. One day, Wren decides to go outside to explore and discover everything that resembles art in her home. Wren goes on her journey to find out how much her home contains things from nature and how these objects are directly from Mother Nature?s store. Wren?s adventures take her across fields, down country roads, onto beaches, and into abandoned mansions. Wren arrives home and unfolds the greatest discovery in Greek art.

About the Author

Mary Haggan HND, BA, MA is an emerging author. Mary was born in the 1980s in a small village in Ireland. Growing up Mary read many books and fascinated over the illustrations. She then continued to create her own book series. This series is based on her favourite subjects of art and nature. Mary is a graduate of fine art practice, art history, sociology and archaeology. Mary studied at The North Western Regional College Derry and University College Dublin. This emerging series based on the character Wren depicts Marys personal adventures on the outdoor study of art and nature in Ireland. This book is the second book of her series on Wren's Adventures, the first book is titled Wren's Adventures into Greek Antiquity.